Vacation clubs can be amazing for so many reasons, which I did not actually realize until I joined one with an open mind, not knowing that it would completely fill my heart. Everyone wants to travel, although many will not admit it. Far too many people only have excuses that it is too expensive, they can get no time off work, and they simply don’t know how to. Well, that is just it. Many people simply don’t know how to vacation!! This is one of the many ways a vacation club can step in.

Well, I am here to let you know that you CAN travel without breaking the bank & eating ramen noodles for the next month unless you are into that kind of thing.

Cheap Travel

There are so many things I can say about how vacation clubs make travel cheap. By only offering 4 and 5 star hotel experiences and 1 and 2-star prices, it really can not be beaten. Most importantly, the value that you get out of each package deal is truly out of this world. So many things are taken care of for you, so you don’t have t worry about each little tacked-on expense.

You even get a personal host for your trip, to take care of ALL of your needs. They will book excursions, cab rides, and anything else you need. They will also help you with your itinerary and get to anywhere you need to go. Take all of the worries and hassle out of travel, and just enjoy the luxury!

A couple on our team booked a whole trip just to stay at the hotel at night. They paid for a whole itinerary for less than they would have paid at that same luxury hotel for just the stay! No food, transportation, host, or VIP anything included! You seriously can’t beat that!

No Risk-Guarantee

YUP! You heard that right! Absolutely no-risk guarantee! If you find any trip for a lower price, immediately have your money refunded & STILL GET SENT ON YOUR TRIP for free! Trust me. These are the lowest prices you will find for these thousands of amazing vacations.

Hassle-Free Trip

Let’s face it: we all hate going on vacation to get away from stress, but constantly having another stress thrown in your face! This happens on every vacation. After paying for the whole thing, you have to pull out your wallet every few minutes on your trip. buy food here. Excursion there. Cab ride here. Tip there. Also if you’re lost and confused and don’t know what to do, there is nobody to guide you. Vacation clubs take all of that stress away.

Enjoy vacation. Enjoy the people and environment around you. Enjoy life.

I have taked to so many people personally and read so many reviews about how much better a trip is with our travel club than it is trying to book everything individually. I loved seeing Andrew Ford’s perspective on his test of a Dream Trip vs. his own trip. Check that out here.


I have EASILY met the most amazing people of my life through my vacation club. Most vacation clubs have 2 parts to them, a vacation side and a business side for people who want to help build the club community. Working with these amazing people, all striving toward one goal: to help others succeed … I don’t even have words for what this did to my life. They have not only given me the tools to succeed, but also the advice, mentorship, laughs, and excitement to fulfill my dreams and live the life I have always dreamed of. THOSE are the people that you want in your corner.

This is one of my favorite quotes, for so many reasons.

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the DOERS, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.”

Or this one …

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

Or this one …

“If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.”

When you see endless quotes giving advice on the type of people you should hang around in order to succeed, I promise they all explain this community to a Tee! You want to be around the people who are DOING something toward their future, not playing video games in their spare time. Be around the people who will push you and inspire you, but most importantly they will take you by the hand and TEACH you. These are the people you want in your tribe.

Vacation Together

There are soooooo many people that do not travel because they don’t know people who can or want to travel like they do. First of all, that sucks! Second of all, this can easily be solved by a vacation club. There will be lots of other people on the same trip as you with matching VIP lanyards so everyone knows to treat you and the club like a queen. There are always welcome meetings where guides will help you make sure you don’t have any questions. This is usually over a cocktail hour with free drinks and mingling. This is the perfect time to make friends!

Trust me, you don’t want to be at the same resort as us and NOT have on a lanyard. The difference in treatment and ease alone is enough to get people to want to join our tribe on the spot.

If you want some alone time, no worries! The itinerary is simply there as a guide. You are not obligated to do anything with anybody else! Join in on activities you want or go explore something else if you choose. You can literally do whatever you want, but unlike everyone else you will have many options already mapped out for you.

Online Mall

There is seriously nothing better than the convenience of shopping online. Honestly, most of my shopping comes from online anyway! If you are part of our vacation club, you will have access to our online mall where you get money back for vacation for every dollar you spend!! Literally, each purchase that I am going to make anyway saves me money toward my next trip. I can now save for vacation and have extra spending money without even thinking about it!

We Get Paid To Vacation!

It really annoys me that people freak out over MLM’s before they even know anything about them. These people are usually NOT save in business and are always going to be average employees. That is okay, don’t get me wrong, but some people are just not meant to work for someone else, pay bills, and die … am I right?

My parents are those people. That is so frustrating to me that they can’t see beyond “Go to college, Get a good job in a big company, be an employee forever with job security”. It is going to take me SHOWING her differently, and that is just fine with me.

“If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose network marketing”

-Bill Gates

If you are one of these closed-minded employee-forever people, this just isn’t the business for you. If you don’t aspire to be like Bill Gates, or Oprah, or any of the other great businessmen & women that achieved FREEDOM, then this isn’t for you. That is fine as well, and you can still enjoy the cheap vacations, but you just don’t understand business & freedom & higher thinking enough to roll with us & our business.

To the dreamers, the DOERS, the learners, the ones that want to be mentored and elevated, just know that with some hard work and the right team, all of your biggest dreams can come true. You are not alone. I used to feel alone when my own family didn’t see the vision, but you are not alone. We are out here for you!

If you ever feel lost in this business, reach out to me personally and  I will hook you up directly with MY mentors. The ones that know this business inside and out and can teach you everything you need to succeed. It’s that simple.

The more people you show the opportunity to, the more you get paid. There are always so many random perks such as free vacations, free cars, free masterminds, free books, free cruises, and so much more. People always ask us how we can travel so cheap anyway, and they especially want to know how we afford royalty treatment. It is so fun to share our business!

The best part is, the people that introduced you to the business help you run it!! I never get stuck answering questions or explaining things that I may forget the answer to. They will thoroughly explain everything to anyone you need them to. WE ALL WIN TOGETHER!!!!! This is the single most important component as to why our business thrives! When you win, we all win, therefore we help you win!! It really is that simple!

I get so passionate and excited about this. Helping people achieve their dreams and break free from their 9-5 is what I was put on this earth to do!

If you could do anything in the world, and time & money were not an issue, what would it be? For more than 90% of you, the answer is TRAVEL! Don’t let not having enough time or money be an excuse to not travel anymore. Let us help you … Every step of the way!!

This video is not mine, and I do not claim rights to it, but it will explain everything you need to know. I get goosebumps every time I watch this video, from the first time my best friend Chris showed it to me because he knew I would LOVE the business opportunity just as much as the travel opportunity. And he was right.

For the business side of the Vacation club, and my FAVORITE part, all you have to do is share the opportunity with the many people that are going to ask about it anyway! It is that simple to not only travel for FREE bit get paid to do so.

Here is the compensation plan for those of you that wish to share the opportunity with others and get paid for it! It is simple & seriously brilliant. Make sure you finish the first video, or this one won’t make any sense. THIS is why we all win together!

After seeing that, if you are anything like me, you didn’t want it to end! I remember wanting to replay it, soak it all in, and learn all I could. I squirm in excitement when I see that same reaction from others that find this opportunity and truly see the value. I get excited just thinking about it!!

If you are one of these people, reach out to me via email and I will hook you up DIRECTLY with my mentors & plug you in with my whole team. They will guide you through the entire process, today, tomorrow, and years from now!

Do yourself a favor and stop taking advice from the employees that don’t see your vision. Don’t stand on the sidelines with the watchers, get in the game with the DOERS, or get left behind with the rest. I’ll tell you one thing. I know which team I choose. Don’t regret making the wrong decision a few years from now when you look back and wonder why you didn’t truly live your life.