I’ve lived in the Palm Harbor area for about 2 years before I stumbled upon Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort and just completely fell in love with it. First of all, the security at the gates and the amazing views had me hooked. Located just northwest of Tampa Bay, and 20 miles from the Tampa International Airport, the commute is easy and convenient.

With 900 acres of land, Innisbrook is truly it’s own little community. For the golfers, there are 4 championship golf courses with spectacular views to play on. This is why it is the BEST golf resort in the area. For the tennis players, they have a top-rated tennis facility. For everyone, they have a total of 6 swimming pools, including the “Lochness Monster” pool which has 2 water slides! There are also lakes to fish in and endless nature trails to explore on this huge property. Trust me, you will not run out of things to do.

Spread within the 900 acre community are three top-rated restaurants & bars to satisfy everyone’s belly ranging from casual dining to a prestigious steak house. They accommodate reservations of all sizes including company holiday parties which require reserving the entire restaurant.

There are many lodges blended very well into the wooded surroundings to stay in. The real beauty of this community comes from the incredible diversity. Some people come to stay for a short while for business meetings or vacations. Some people have retired here, many people live here only in the winter, and many people live here full time.

There is the most amazing full-service spa right on property as well to accommodate all of your needs. This is the perfect place to send the wife to get pampered while the husband is our golfing, or go get massages together! Either way, the spa will surely take all of your worries away.

Honestly, I don’t know much about golf. It was never my sport of choice. My knowledge doesn’t expand much beyond Tiger Woods, but it doesn’t take a golfer to love this place. If you golf, that is just a great bonus because Innisbrook is the home of the Copperhead Golf Course. This is where the Valspar Championship, formerly named the Tampa Bay Championship, is held every year as a part of the PGA Tour. I can’t wait for the tournament this year in March of 2018.


The Lodges:

Nestled away between trees are lots of lodges to house people of all occasions. Whether you want a vacation stay, business meeting, work retreat, or golf get away, the large selection of 609 rooms will accommodate all of your needs.

I find it especially appealing in the winter, when it is too cold to play golf comfortably in most other states/countries. Again, I think that is the real beauty of this place. Groups of all sizes are welcome and comfortable here, including the solo traveler, those traveling in huge groups of over 40 people, and even our four-legged companions. Yes, Innisbrook is pet friendly which me and my yorkie find very important when choosing a place to stay.

In-Room Amenities:

Here is a list of the amenities that are included in your stay. The easiest way to not leave out any details was to take it right from Innisbrook’s website. 

You can also own one of these amazing hotel suites, which are actually condos, so keep an eye out on the market if you would like to call this place your home. Some choose to live here for the winter when the weather is beautiful, then rent it out to visitors for the remainder of the year. That seems like the “egood-life” to me. After a short stay, trust me, you will want to stay.

The Promontory:

Many families live in the “Promontory” of Innisbrook, which are mostly brand new (and still being built) immaculate houses with breathtaking golf course views. It is impossible not to notice the incredible detail in the architecture of each house. Just driving down the street admiring my surroundings is so beautiful and inspiring. My favorite part about being in the Promontory is the incredible sense of golf community you get when just driving by. To one side, you have one of Florida’s most unique golf courses and on the other side you have amazing houses which all look completely different from each there. Each style is unique and well thought out. You can really see the detail and planning that it took to build each house.

They have both one and two-story houses, starting at just over $500,000. The best part is, models are open every day until 5:30 p.m. I would be lying if I said I didn’t tour them more than once, just for the experience. Go check out some awesome pictures at (https://www.homesbywestbay.com/current-models).

There is nothing quite like going through the secure gates and being home. Whether you come here for a short time or forever, at home is exactly how you will feel. If you take just a short visit to the Promontory, I know you will be just as hooked as I was!


As taken right from Innisbrook’s website, here is a list of amenities that are included in every membership at Innisbrook:

“Complimentary use of driving range, tennis and racquetball courts, Fitness Center and all pools, including Loch Ness Monster Pool.
Discounts on dining and Salamander Spa services.
Special seasonal room rates and discounts on lessons, clinics and children’s programs.
Golf Memberships are family memberships, which include individual, spouse and children up to 23 years of age.”

Membership levels include:

Social, Tennis, Resort Golf, Executive Golf, Full Golf. Obviously, the higher membership you choose, the more perks, privileges, and discounts will be included.

For pricing information on each level of membership, click here.

Along with the discounted dining, merchandise, and golf perks, a membership at Innisbrook really brings you into this awesome community. Becoming a member at Innisbrook on any level brings you right into the remarkable family that is made between the gates.

The Salamander Spa:

Personally, the spa is my very favorite place. It is the most awesome little place to go relax and enjoy your time, with emphasis on relaxation. I could sit out back in my robe with a glass of wine all day. Located just off the Copperhead course, it is nice to enjoy the beauty of Florida in the natural sun, while laying right next to Innisbrook’s most infamous course, Copperhead.

The best way to spoil yourself on any getaway is to go to the spa. I work hard to be able to enjoy my relaxation time. With a huge list of full services, I am really just in love with this place. They took such great care of my fiancé and me. Everybody working was genuinely happy to bring us happiness and cater to our needs. Taylor, the spa manager, was awesome and showed us around.

We decided on a couples massage because we really wanted to enjoy our time together, and we got so much more than just a simple massage. We actually go for massages regularly at other places in the area, and you get just what you sign up for a massage. Nothing more, and nothing less. That is not the case at the Salamander Spa at Innisbrook.

After checking in with the most welcoming staff, we were directed to locker rooms where we had bathrobes and slippers waiting for us to get cozy in. I couldn’t help but notice the aroma of eucalyptus coming from the whirlpool room. I am already a firm believer and lover of the calming and healing power of eucalyptus, so this really made me feel at home.

Our great service continued before and after our 90-minute couple’s massage. I chose to relax in the lounge and whirlpool after our massage while my fiancé went back to the room to take a nap. It was absolutely perfect to read my book while enjoying the complimentary snacks and fruit-infused water that was provided by the spa.

I seriously beg you to do yourself a favor and check out the Salamander Spa at Innisbrook. You deserve this King and Queen treatment. They will truly make sure you feel like royalty.

I am going to be taking a closer look inside the spa soon, as I document some of the other services offered at the Salamander Spa. We will not only look into the spa services but also the various health benefits that they provide.

Don’t worry ladies, this will give you all the ammo you need to convince hubby that a regular spa day is vital to your health! I know that is all it would take for my husband to schedule my monthly spa days.


Market Salamander Grille: The Market Salamander Grille is located in the Osprey Clubhouse, which is where you will check in to your room. It is the first place that you will be directed to when you enter the gates to your golfing paradise. At the grille you will find an assortment of food choices for all types of eaters. They accommodate gluten-free, vegan, health-conscious, and picky eaters. They have everything from wings and flatbreads to grouper and ribeyes. They also have an “all you can eat” pasta bar on Thursday evenings, and live music on Friday and Saturday! Live music is always my favorite.

There is no dress code, but please wear clothes and shoes. Yes, this should probably be mentioned considering it is also next to the Lochness Monster Pool.

Packard’s Steak House: You can find Packard’s Steak House located on the famous Copperhead Course. This is definitely a  more upscale restaurant, known for their fine-aged beef steaks with pairings just as excellent. You must make a reservation to dine at Packard’s, and it is so worth it! There is also an extensive wine list featuring wines from all over the world and a full liquor bar for those not interested in wine.

Turnberry Pub:  Overlooking the beautiful Island course is the perfect way to enjoy lunch. My favorite part about this cute family restaurant is the outside patio. The pub closes a bit earlier than the other restaurants. It is only open until 7 p.m as they usually only serve breakfast and lunch. There is also a little snack window to grab a bite to eat on the go before you tee-off. Don’t forget to grab a beer!

Lochness Grill: The Lochness Grill is where you will enjoy your tropical beverages while laying by the monster pool. There are tons of pool-side options on the menu such as nachos and sandwiches. This is the perfect place to enjoy a smoothie and daiquiri while the kids tire themselves out in the pool. That sounds like paradise to me.

Current Owner: Ms. Sheila Johnson

Innisbrook Resort was bought by the very inspirational entrepreneur Sheila Johnson in 2007. It is now a part of Ms. Johnson’s hospitality company “Salamander Hotels and Resorts” which also includes other top-rated hotels in Florida, New Orleans, Virginia, and South Carolina.

You might think that the Salamander Hotels and Resorts are Ms. Johnsons only accomplishments but that is so far from true. Ms. Johnson is an incredible entrepreneur and philanthropist that has worked hard for her long list of successes.

Ms. Sheila Johnson and her former husband Robert Johnson were the co-founders of Black Entertainment Television (BET). The company was very successful, and they later decided to sell it to Viacom in 2002. This made Ms. Sheila Johnson the world’s very first African American Woman to reach a net worth of 1 Billion dollars, even before Oprah!

She is also now the part-owner in 3 sports teams in the NBA, NHL, and WNBA. She has her hands tied in the Washington Wizards, the Washington Capitals, and the Washington Mystics. This made her the first African American woman to have a stake in three professional sports teams. She truly is an inspiration and a role model for any aspiring successful person.

If for nothing else, Innisbrook is worth exploring and loving just because of the iconic Ms. Sheila Johnson. She goes above and beyond to keep this resort top-notch, and she has the most amazing staff here continuing to pursue her dream while she is away at one of her other many hotels and resorts in the United States. She is personally one of my biggest inspirations and role models, so I felt honored to stay in her resort.

Whether you seek an incredible golf getaway or some relaxation in this amazing atmosphere, Innisbrook is the place to be. Find out for yourself why so many people love joining this private oasis.

Have you ever been to Innisbrook or do you plan on visiting? I HIGHLY recommend planning a trip to the Tampa Bay Area and allowing this place to take great care of you. Leave all of your cares and worries at the gate, and they will take it from there. It is time to feel like the King and Queen that you are. Please feel free to email me (wanderifi@gmail.com) if you have any questions. I can surely help you out and/or point you in the right direction. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

I will also be posting about things to do in the surrounding area such as other local restaurants to check out, and the most amazing beaches that Florida has to offer. I am also hoping to give you an inside scoop on  Ms. Johnson’s other Salamander Hotels and Resorts in the near future. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date without the latest posts, reviews, collaborations, and more!

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