There are so many negative things about social media these days, but anything in life is what you make it. Instagram is an incredibly powerful tool for so many great things. You can run a business solely on Instagram, leverage a business you already have, build amazing friendships, learn from the most talented people in the world, get inspired by your idols, find new idols that you wouldn’t have otherwise found, and so much more!

It is really all about the types of accounts that you follow. You can choose to make your Instagram mindless & drama-filled, or inspiring and educational. I choose the latter.

Here are some amazing accounts that I follow for so many different reasons. I absolutely love that all of these people are REAL people, and they let it be known through their accounts. Yes, it is hard to answer 1000’s of messages for any human being, but they keep it real, answer questions, help others learn, and create amazing content!

Shout out to everyone on this list. You have inspired me in so many ways. You kept me going when I didn’t want to and ultimately got me to the point where I quit my job to follow my dreams. Without being able to peek into your life, learn from your blog posts and lives, and connect with you personally, I would not have the confidence or skill to be able to do what I do.

I promise to create awesome content but most importantly help others as well! My only hope is to inspire other’s through my work the same way you have inspired me.

Here are my favorite Instagram accounts in no particular order! Trust me, you should follow all of these accounts, and if they have a blog you should follow that too. I know you will learn and grow as much as these beautiful souls helped me to.

Nick Anderson & Kyle Lee Weber @runlifenick & @runlifekyle

Nick Actually has a few accounts that he grows, monetizes, and spreads his awesome message of growth and positivity. I quickly got addicted to watching Nick’s daily motivation, and we have even personally chatted a few times. I then found Kyle who also kills the social media game. I don’t know how they maintain being so responsive, but you must check out their content! Their youtube channel is AMAZING and packed with so much! It is so awesome that they not only figured it out but are willing to spill their knowledge. I plan on having people talk the same way about my channel one day, as it develops. Check them out asap!

Aggie Lal @travel_inhershoes

I could do on about this amazing girl allllll day. She has the cutest accent, warmest heart, and absolute BEST adventures. Her & Michael go to the most amazing “off-the-grid” places and it is so fun watching her journey. She has taught me so much about Lightroom through her videos and stories. She also sells amazing presets to edit all of your pictures to be as amazing as hers! Seriously, go check this girl out!!

Also be sure to subscribe to her Youtube channel!

Kane Vato  @kane_vato

First of all, Kane & Pia’s vlogs are the only ones I watch faithfully. Kane has taught me so much about vlogging (or vlogging as they tried to call it) & most importantly he made me feel comfortable vlogging with my fiancé. We learned how to do it, how to edit, and what angles to take. I learn so much from him every single day.

Kane vlogs about their entertaining daily life but he also does weekly tutorials teaching everyone all he knows. I study them like class, and most importantly I always try to apply his teachings. Thank you Kane. I am grateful that I stumbled across your page & I can’t wait for the day I can retire my man from his blood-sucking job as he learns to become an Instagram (and Youtube) husband as well. Everyone should be Kane & Pia’s vlogmuffins! Subscribe to their youtube as well as Instagram!

Pia Muehlenbeck  @Piamuehlenbeck

Pia is seriously perfect. She is absolutey stunning with the most adorable accent. She is the founder of her brand “Slinkii” which I LOVE! She has really leveraged her social media over the past few years, and you can tell she just has the sweetest personality. I love watching her & Kane together or seperate. Check her out here!

Zach Nicolaou @znicolaou

I am lucky enough to have the privilege of knowing Zack personally. I knew he was great the moment I met him through one of my most amazing friends Devon. For some amazing photography, you have to check out his page! I am obsessed with watching his stories as he explores & he has some of the very  best drone shots on Instagram. His account is at the beginning of it’s growth, so be one of the first to check out his work before the whole world gets their eyes and hands on it!

Also, I have this picture hanging in my bedroom. Thanks Zach! You inspire me to grow as a creator and a human being every day and I appreciate that so much!

Lisa Homsy @lisahomsy

Lisa is awesome, and has also taught me so much about Lightroom. She doesn’t have a blog so you have to watch her stories and lives on Instagram. She will show you around some of the most beautiful places in the world & she has also helped me find many of my favorite travel bloggers, including her best friend Melanie. Be sure to follow Lisa for awesome content from the sweetest gal.

Mel Vandersluis @mvandersluis

Mel is the actual reason I decided to buy a professional camera and learn Lightroom. I love how she shares her journeys with you, answers questions, and always tries to help others. She taught me so much about my camera and getting comfortable with it. I also LOVE the people she goes on trips with. I always find some great new people to talk and be inspired by. Alsoooooo doesn’t forget to check out her presets because they are some of my favorites! Thanks Mel!

Christina Glabato @christinaglabato

Christina is another amazing photographer and editor, who I am really learning how to take solo travel photos from. I love that she travels with others and often alone. She just road tripped through Iceland by herself! As she jumps into blogging more, I am excited to learn how she documents her amazing trips.

She also is the founder of @theigbootcamp where she teaches people to become travel bloggers & influencers. If you desire to learn how to leverage your Instagram account, check her out!

Jelly Devote @jellydevote

Personally, I do not like following fitness accounts. I think they are too spammy and repetitive but that is not the case for Jelly! She does share her workout routines but she mostly shows her travels right now as she ventures the globe with her husband. They truly figured out how to live the dream and it is fun to watch them. Although Jelly doesn’t share much of her social media journey, she has taught me how to stay fit while traveling & gives me daily motivation to love myself- flaws and all!

She keeps it real, shows the good and the bad, and helps you get through the bad. She is funny, goofy, and a good person. She will show you all of her flattering and unflattering angles. Be sure to follow Jelly for some inspiration and entertainment.

Also, since she found her old hard drive a few months back, her before & afters have been sooooooo good!

Aubrie Lynne Bell @globetrotting_gingertravel

I, along with everyone else, am in love with this girl’s hair! She takes the dreamiest photos with a pop of red, as her bright hair looks amazing in any photo. Even better yet, her personality is seriously the best. Everyone that travels with her agrees that she is just the sweetest soul, which I can certainly tell through her Instagram. I first found her on Lisa’s birthday trip to Hawaii, and I am so happy I did. Follow her awesome travels for the best scenic pics!

Jamie Kidd @jamienkidd

Jamie is low-key one of my biggest inspirations. I would killlllllll to be just like this girl. She is perfect and her personality is even better!!!!! I love her life. Her blog is great, her style is perfect, her travels are inspiring, and her relationship is amazing!!! I love how Blake captures the best pictures of her. Jamie & Blake seriously seem just as great as I and Travis are together which I can rarely say! I and Travis soak in all of the knowledge they pass on, as we learn to live the digital lifestyle.

I love that Jamie shares her amazing clothing but she does just spam you with looks & ads. I enjoy her adventures as she looks amazing while she explores.

Alyssa Bossio @effortlyss

Alyssa is beautiful and takes the most amazing and creative photos. I look to her for inspiration quite often, although she’s one of the few I don’t reach out to directly. I enjoy watching her journeys and creative ideas. More than anything though I love her blog and learn a lot from her approach and style. Follow her Instagram and blog asap!

Jessica Whalen @jessicagracewhalen

OK some and Jessica are low-key BFF’s and she just doesn’t know it. I don even know how or why I found this girl but mannnnnnn am I so happy that I did. I have reached out to her on quite a few occasions and I couldn’t believe the quick response. I even found out that she is also a bartender, which I found incredibly inspiring.

She doesn’t even know it, but I found her during a very trying time in my life. l was HATING my bartending job and very discontent with my life. Her amazing account & blog gave me hope and inspired me to keep going. The fact that she could work such long hours (I know from her stories) and still make an amazing blog AND an awesome Instagram feed with a large following. Yeah, goals AF.

Plus, bartenders are some of the most amazing people. We have awesome personalities, great people skills, and most importantly… We are the best multitaskers! So Jessica has to be awesome. Check out her website!

Hannah @hannahrheaume

Not gonna lie, I am so grateful to have found this girl through one of her best friends, Christina! They go on many trips together, and I love seeing the same cities from two different Instagram tour guides through stories.

Hannah also travels solo a lot, and I learn a lot about solo video and picture taking. I love that she takes the time to write amazing blog posts with juicy content. She is so creative and silly. We are low-key BFF’s and she just doesn’t know it. Be sure to go follow all of her adventures on Instagram and on her website! You will NOT regret this!

Elona @Elonatheexplorer

Elona is another amazing Instagrammer with an awesome blog. She writes very interesting and helpful posts. Her photos are always so creative and beautiful. You have to follow this girl around the world to the dreamiest places!

She has also survived cancer, which is so powerful. I have had some good friends die of cancer, so it is amazing to see her living her best life every day!! I love watching Elona conquer the world. you go girl. Thanks for being a symbol of strength, hope, and incredible inspiration.

Christine Wheeler @liveloveruntravel

I found Christine’s account while looking for fellow bloggers who were local to my area. She lives in Orlando Florida which isn’t too far from me, but she travels quite often. Her amazing photos inspire me to live my best life & she teaches me how to use the most beautiful presets on my photos.

Christina is a runner and runs in the most beautiful places, but I really do not like running and I have no interest in doing it, so I LOVE that she is not spammy or pushy about running. She just shares her amazing journeys, and sometimes runs while doing it. The balance is great!

I love that she also follows many of the same accounts as me & I often see them engage with one another. I always follow the accounts that she recommends through her stories. Go check out her Instagram and blog for her amazing content.

“Quigley” @officiallyquigley

I found Quigley through Lisa Homsy’s stories (mentioned above) as they celebrated Lisa’s birthday in Hawaii … and WOW am I glad I stumbled upon this GEM!!! I seriously adore Quigley. Her style is quirky and she makes everything look amazing!!! I seriously can’t get enough of her outfits but I know I couldn’t pull off that style. I seriously love it.

And her name … yes, it is a nickname but could it be any more perfect? It fits her personality so well.

She is so creative & talented. Her photos are amazing, and I hope to pose as perfectly as her one day. Keep killing the game Quigley & thank you for inspiring me to be myself and chase my dreams. Flaunt your style no matter what others may think and have a blast while doing it. Go check this girl out!

Tati Wanders @tati_wanders

Last, but most certainly not least, it is me! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram account as we really dive into things and grow! Stay tuned for awesome (mostly tropical) pictures, collaborations, positivity, Bella (my puppy), and inspiration. We love all of our tribe, and would love to engage with you more as we grow our Instagram account!

We also have a youtube which we are so excited to start vlogging regularly. Stay tuned and subscribe for some more awesome content and future collaborations!