If you have not figured it out yet, Travis and I are Sunday Funday fanatics. This is easily our favorite day of the week! We always love to get out, spend quality time together, and enjoy activities that we love. I also think everyone is a sucker for a good rooftop bar or restaurant. If you aren’t in this category, you obviously have not experienced the magical sunsets of Clearwater Beach from a few stories above everyone else. What can possibly make this experience any better? The only answer to this question is amazing service and luxury accommodations.

As if Clearwater Beach hasn’t literally mastered everything else. The sunsets are always perfect, the dolphins love to show off, and the community is literally just the best. We are blown away by the amazing sunsets every single night.

To make this adventure even more magical for you, we have mapped out our favorite rooftop bars with the best views of Clearwater Beach. Let’s take Sunday Funday to a whole new level, shall we? We shall.

Jimmy’s On the Edge– The Edge Hotel

I had to start with this absolutely stunning rooftop bar. I actually fell in love with Jimmy’s on the Edge first from afar. I was out boating off the shores of clearwater beach, and I looked up to see this absolutely beautiful hotel with an amazing see-through infinity pool on the top floor. From down in our boat, I could see people swimming in the pool, lounging by the pool, and hanging at the bar. I just had to go check it out … so we did. NO REGERTS! (Yes, I know how to spell it). We were not disappointed when we made it up to the 10th floor.

Where do you start? The bar is gigantic. The pool is absolutely stunning, like something out of a magazine. The most important part of any good roof top bar is a good view, and there truly isn’t a better one than at the Edge Hotel.

There is a heated infinity pool surrounded by comfy plush lounge chairs. Right behind this most stunning pool view is the largest rooftop bar on Clearwater Beach, which is fully stocked with great food and drinks. To top it off, on the other side of the bar is yet another pool! This one is even bigger with even more comfy chairs to lounge on.

We love the Edge Hotel, and even included it in our list of the best luxury hotels on Clearwater Beach. Go check it out.

Jimmy’s Crows Nest– Pier 60 Hotel

Jimmy’s Crow’s nest is actually the very first place that my friend brought me to the very first time I visited Clearwater Beach. It was during the winter around dinner time, so it was absolutely perfect. The weather was amazing, it wasn’t crowded, and we had the perfect sunset view over Clearwater Beach.

Unfortunately, the Wyndham Grand Hotel was recently built slightly in front of Pier 60 Hotel, so half of the sunset view is cut off. This is still a cool place to come visit when at Clearwater Beach because you can see over the Ocean, part of the Marina, as well as part of the city. I always get a Pina colada and sometimes a quesadilla.

Swim Bar & Grill– Hyatt Regency

Another perfect sunset bar is exactly what you will find here at the Hyatt Regency on Clearwater Beach. Located on the 8th floor of this fabulous hotel, Swim Bar & Grill is a great place to come catch some sandwiches, a nice sunset, and a drink at the pool bar. Oh, did I mention there is a swim-up bar on this 8th-floor paradise?

This gorgeous poolside restaurant has a stunning view of the Gulf of Mexico. When we visited, there was live music playing around the pool which really made us feel like we were in a tropical paradise away from home.

Marina Cantina

Marina Cantina will always have a little soft spot in my heart. Travis surprised me with reservations on the outside bar on Valentines’ Day. It was the most romantic and beautiful dinner we have had in the area. Our server was incredible, and we all know how much of a service snob I am. His recommendations were perfect and the kitchen exceeded our expectations. He noticed when Travis got up to put a jacket around me, and then came back out with a beautiful Mexican-style blanket that he also draped over my shoulders. Travis is always such a gentleman, but to also receive that treatment from our server was truly next level. We were blown away.

After dinner, we went up another level to the very top bar and enjoyed sangria on comfortable couches next to a beautiful fire. It was a perfect night, with the perfect ambiance by Marina Cantina.

I have been to Marina Cantina a few times now, and each time we saw someone famous or important. A few times it was big restaurant owners in the area. The last time we were there, we saw a WWE wrestler and his manager. Being the WWE fanatics that we are, we recognized the manager right away, and he was happy to take a quick picture. I’m sure this is due to Marina Cantina keeping him happy with good service, so he didn’t find it annoying. We appreciate nice people and a great atmosphere. This is what we always find here at Marina Cantina. I can’t wait to go back.

Evy’s Terrace Bar and Bistro– The Hampton Inn

What I like most about Evy’s Terrace Bar and Bistro is that it is a bit more elegant than other rooftops in the area. They really have an amazing ambiance, but I wouldn’t be comfortable wandering in there in my bathing suit and a towel like we end up at most places on the beach, because that’s just how beach life is! Evy’s is not exactly upscale, but it is nicer without breaking the bank. The prices are fair, and the food and drinks were good. Personally, I think this is a great place to grab some drinks and appetizers. Their nachos and key lime pie were fantastic. I also enjoyed an amazing red sangria while watching the sunset.

This is a great place to go after dark because I absolutely love the fire pit tables that they have on the terrace, with comfy lounge chairs surrounding them. The only thing that could possibly make a rooftop any better is a fire pit.


Hooters Rooftop Lookout Bar

I am not going to lie, because I would never lie to my wonderful readers. I do not like Hooters. I have gotten sick from two different locations and even thinking about their wings now hurts my stomach. I just do not think they have the best food, but I will include them in this post anyway because they have a good location to look over clearwater beach.

If you would rather skip the food and mediocre girls walking around half-naked with way too much makeup, just grab a drink and enjoy the view. That is exactly what we do.


Frenchy’s Rooftop Terrace– Capitol Theater

First of all, Frenchy’s is a local staple in Clearwater, known for the best grouper sandwiches, and honestly just the best freshest seafood ever. We love all 5 locations. The Capitol Theater is located in downtown Clearwater, which is not along the beach. It is not far though. just over the bridge that connects the beach to the mainland. This theater is definitely worth checking out, along with the adorable rooftop terrace where Frenchy’s serves food and beverages. This is literally the perfect place for grabbing a drink before your show. I have been to many theaters and shows, but none of them had a rooftop to hang out on before and after your show. I love that the Capitol Theater went that extra step to please their guests.


We are on a mission to make everyone as obsessed with lounging on a rooftop as we are. Rooftop bars really just have a better ambiance than everywhere else. It is an easy place to catch the best view in town while escaping the hustle and bustle of life. Whether you are visiting a rooftop bar on vacation or right in your hometown for your own Sunday Funday, please make the time to find a new one or a favorite one, and go enjoy all that it has to offer!

Rooftop Bar items to not forget:

Sunglasses: I have made the mistake of forgetting my sunglasses one too many times. Trust me, this is a bad idea. Yes, you can sit in the shade and enjoy certain views but the sun can actually be very dangerous without the proper protective equipment. Also, your views and enjoyment are limited. I don’t believe in limiting anything, so grab some glasses so you don’t have to worry about it.

Koozie: We literally don’t go anywhere without fun koozies to keep our drinks cold and our hands warm. They always stir up conversation and add to our fun. They also look much better in pictures than a glass or can of beer.

Waterproof Camera: We also don’t go anywhere without our camera! Right now we use a Nikon D3300 which we bought to learn on and ended up falling in love with. It is very durable, and we bought a waterproof case to hold it in. We also recommend checking out a go pro, which is the most durable camera. It can literally show all of your adventures in and out of the water.

Swimsuits and Cover-Up: I have learned to usually have my bathing suit ready for rooftop bars these days. There is often a pool on the rooftop or nearby to enjoy and soak up the sun. I like to do this between eating and drinking, so having a cute bathing suit on with an easy cover-up to throw on makes the day so worry-free.

Long flowy skirt: These are my favorite for so many reasons. I usually have a long flowy skirt handy because they’re so lightweight, easy to throw in a bag, and even easier to throw on over your bathing suit. Pro tip: flowy skirts are also the best prop for a picture. Throw aside in the air and add some movement to your picture. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.