How would you like to travel the world while working online?

I’m beyond excited to share all of this with you finally because I’ve been living this dream for over 2.5 years now and I know that you’re able to do the same!!!

That’s right – quit your good ol’ regular a$$ job to finally create the life of your dreams where you

  • are passionate about what you do
  • literally can’t wait to get out of bed to start working
  • get paid to do what you love
  • won’t feel like you’re working.

Doesn’t this sound like a dream already? Yes?

But wait, it gets even better: While you’re doing all the above, you will be traveling the world

  • getting super emotional seeing elephants play in the wild:
  • asking someone to pinch you because you’re staring at the incredible Machu Picchu
  • strolling along the gorgeous beaches of Zanzibar with the Maasai

And you can change locations as often as you please, per week, per few weeks, or months, however, you want to – a great WiFi connection is all you need.

How does that sound to you?

Like a freakin dream, you think?

This dream has been my reality for the past 2.5 years.

Yes, that’s how long I’ve been living the exact life I described above.

Before living my dream, I was stuck in a 9-5 job. As the Managing Editor of 22 newspapers in Southern California, I was able to do a lot of great things, attend plays and parties; however, at the end of the day, I still had to show up at the office daily and had only 5 paid vacation days per year. Not enough for my gypsy heart that was yearning to see the world.

In 2015, when sh!t in my personal life went as wrong as it possibly could, I started questioning what I really wanted from life. A dear friend of mine introduced me to hypnosis and after my first session, I woke up with the thought of: “Jenny, you’re going to quit your job and travel the world.” Two weeks later, I told my boss and six months later, I was on the road.

I have tried many things – from becoming a professional travel blogger to a virtual assistant and translator. Within the last 2.5 years, I also studied various other online career opportunities and built a network to find what I love.

With my own hypnosis business and documentary making, I can now say I wake up every morning excitedly to work on things I’m 100 % passionate about.

And now this course fulfills my life’s mission of inspiring others to travel and live a life they’ve always dreamed of.

So, if I can do it and the 1,000s of others I know, that means YOU CAN, too!

Are you ready to LIVE your dreams rather than just dreaming about them?

If so, your first step is to take action. And by reading this, you are, so congrats ? You’re doing amazing!

But now, you’re wondering HOW THIS IS POSSIBLE.

How the hell can you can travel the world while working online?

There are plenty of ways and this course lets you explore one that is right for you:

  • ? travel blogging
  • ? your own online business / online course
  • ? coaching
  • ✍ writing
  • ? editing
  • ? translating
  • ? launching your eCommerce store
  • ❤ social media managing
  • ?‍? virtual assistance
  • ? web / graphic design
  • ? photographer
  • etc.

This course is for you

  • if you’re sure you want to do one of the above but you need help getting there
  • if you’re not really sure what you can do online but you want to find out OR
  • if you’re looking for passive income ideas online (I mean – who wouldn’t want to make money in their sleep).

Here’s what you will receive:

15 DETAILED AUDIO FILES via email STARTING NOV. 15  on how to

  • Get paid to be you
  • Find out which way to earn money online is right for you
  • Look for, apply to, and land online gigs
  • Find online clients
  • Establish an online presence
  • Market yourself
  • Find free or almost free accommodation
  • Make friends while traveling
  • Maintain happiness on the road
  • Stay safe & sane while traveling
  • Determine the perfect digital nomad location
  • Get your mind right
  • etc.

And if this is not enough, here are the FREE bonuses I’m including for you:

  • Private Facebook group with like-minded people & accountability partners
  • 1 Facebook LIVE session where you can ask me anything
  • Scripts on how to work with tourism companies as a blogger,
  • Scripts on how to land house sitting gigs all over the world,
  • a travel company discount list,
  • a reading list for aspiring digital nomads,
  • 100 content creation ideas
  • List with remote work job sites
  • List of free audiobooks and e-books that helped me become a digital nomad

BECOME A DIGITAL NOMAD really is a road map to making your dream a reality.

It’s a guide to finally live the life you’ve been wanting.

It’s an action plan to wake up every morning with so much excitement for a new day where you want to just jump out of bed and “work,” but not even have it feel like work.

It’s your chance to make money while traveling the world.

How freakin’ cool is that?!

Are you in?!

Here’s what people say about working with me

Jennifer’s resources and know-how are priceless; there’s simply so much wealth in what she can offer her clients and network because she’s DONE IT. Behind her computer, she’s a successful entrepreneur, while the magical life she has built for herself offline, designed around jaw-dropping experiences, is truly a source of inspiration. If you want to be mentored by someone who’s ambitious, professional, authentic, who can guide you through abandoning the (usually constricting) 9-to-5 to create a far more meaningful, adventurous life, this course is for you. Even those seeking to be ‘part-time nomads’ of sorts will find Jenny’s course invaluable.” – Yasmin

This woman is literally a life changer!! WOW… in just one day she turned my entire world around… the knowledge and skills Jenny holds through her unique first-hand experiences are invaluable for anyone trying to have a traveling life filled with adventure. She eats my problems for breakfast and spits out solutions for lunch. She not only motivated me beyond any imagination, but she also provided me with practical advice on how to kick start my nomad life on the spot. She breathed hope and determination into my life… She is my magic bringer!!” – Malik

Early bird bonus available until Sunday, Oct 28:

  • List of free audiobooks and e-books that helped me become a digital nomad
  • A free power nap / anti-stress guided meditation recording
  • A free money magnet guided meditation recording
  • A free All We Have Is Now guided meditation recording
  • Free copy of my book “Eyelid Kisses”

And for the first 20 people who sign up I will include:

  • List of free audiobooks and e-books that helped me become a digital nomad
  • A free relaxation guided meditation recording
  • A free All We Have Is Now guided meditation recording