Adding Indoor skydiving to our bucket list was one of the best recommendations for me and Travis! We talked about going many months ago when we saw iFly next to Top Golf in Tampa, Florida. For Travis’ birthday this year, I surprised him with the flight of a lifetime. We had a blast! We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Here’s an awesome video on what to expect on your first time indoor skydiving. I will also let you know all of the reasons you will LOVE indoor skydiving and need to add it to your bucket list. You will surely have the time of your life and be just as addicted to flying as we are!

Also, find out how to save some money on your trip to iFly in Tampa Florida or any of iFly’s multiple locations across the United States.

The iFly in Tampa Florida is right next to Top Golf, so it’s an awesome idea to plan to go flying first then go to Top Golf for food, drinks, and some golf fun. My favorite kind of double date.

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Reasons You Need To Go Indoor Skydiving

1. Indoor Skydiving is risk & guilt free!

Well, I am just going to call it out how it is – You aren’t falling to your possible death when you are indoor skydiving with iFly. I am too terrified of parachute malfunctions or whatever else happens in the air that sometimes makes people not come out alive. I don’t think activities risking my life are fun, so I love being able to have this experience without the danger. Also, kids and elderly can enjoy this too. It is an awesome family activity for all ages, as long as you are healthy.


I absolutely hate the feeling of free falling, so skydiving just isn’t ideal for me. I want to fly, no fall. I love indoor skydiving for this reason. Fly without the horrible pit in the stomach feeling of falling to your possible death. It is truly to experience the feeling of flying and learning to control yourself as you fly. It truly becomes addicting.

3. Get better & more comfortable each time

You get two turns in the tunnel per trip, and even on my second time in there I felt more comfortable and in control. Each person learns at their own pace. Being athletic will surely help you pick up balancing quickly since you’re naturally more aware of your body and coachable. Each time you will get better and better, and your instructor can teach you more and more little tricks. When you get good enough to fully control your body in the tunnel, you can fly with others! I can’t wait to be able to fly with Travis.

4. Get discounts when you return

If you look on iFly’s website for heir pricing, you will see “1st time flyer” packages and information hat you would have to know if you have never been there before. When you go to the booking page, you will find packages for return flyers. Return flyers get discounted rates and they skip the training before flying. At the end of your flight, you are offered even more discounted rates if you buy your next flight before leaving.

Trust me, you will be ready to plan your next trip the second you leave the wind tunnel, so this is something to think about

5. You get awesome photo’s & videos

By making our reservation online, we got a free video! Videos of each flight are sold for only $8 and pictures were only $3.99 each. I was very happy with the pictures and videos that we got since we didn’t have anyone there to take pictures for us.

The people-watching took some pictures and videos when Travis was flying because of his epic beard. It was definitely a sight to see. Everyone was eagerly watching, and waiting for his next turn.

6. Instructors are great!

You will probably be nervous on your trip to iFly. The wind tunnel can be a bit intimidating, but having the master next to you is very reassuring. Even without being able to talk in the tunnel, the instructors were all very well trained to give non-verbal messages and encouragement.

I have to give a huge shout-out to Kristen Rouse for being awesome. We will be making sure we can fly with her again next time we go. She really helped us learn a lot in the short amount of time that we had with her. We appreciate you so much Kristen!


Indoor skydiving is truly the thrill of a lifetime, and iFly has definitely gained a lifetime customer in me & Travis. It was so much fun, and you just have to experience it for yourself. It is so worth checking off that bucket list ASAP!

What you need to know before going to iFly

1 . You must be 3 years or older to participate in indoor skydiving. Yes, at 3 years old you can try this awesome sport!

2 . You must weigh 260 lbs. or less and not have any back, neck, or shoulder injuries. They can also accommodate people with special needs or in wheelchairs.

3 . The wind tunnel is loud, but earplugs are provided.

4 . On your first visit, you will watch a brief instructional video going over appropriate behavior in the wind tunnel, safety rules, and hand signals. Since you will not be able to talk in the wind tunnel, you must read your instructor’s hand signals.

5 . If you have long hair, you will definitely want to braid it, or it will end up in a big knot! I witnessed this happen to others who were not prepared. My fiance’s big beard was in his face because he did not want me to braid it, although it is long enough.

6 . You can make your reservation online or over the phone. It was super simple to make a reservation online but I made mine over the phone. I recommend doing that because we got a free video for it! Simply call, and ask if they have any deals or promotions going on.

7 . Wear comfortable attire. Although you will be wearing a full-body suit over it anyway, you will want to be comfortable underneath. I wore my favorite black leggings from Target and a tee shirt. Also, be sure to wear laced athletic shoes. After putting on your suit, you will need to tie them up tightly!

8 . You can buy pictures and videos for a great price, but you can also bring cameras to take all of the pictures and videos that you want. You do, however, have to bring someone to take the pictures for you from outside of the tunnel, because you can not take any cameras in with you. Once you put the suit on and enter the chamber, all jewelry and belongings must go in a locker. No exceptions.

9 . Arrive right on time. My appointment was at 3:00 p.m but I was instructed to arrive between 3:00 p.m and 3:30 p.m. If you arrive early, you will really just be waiting around … Although this is not a bad thing – You can have fun watching others learn to fly while you wait.

10 . Don’t rush out after your flight! Your instructor will let you know how you can save lots of money on your next visit. Trust me, you will already be planning your next flight. I would recommend getting a business card from your instructor if you really liked them and want to continue to learn with them. I think Kristen would do an excellent job at teaching me to perfect my skills, so I look forward to flying with her in the Tampa location again.

Have you ever been indoor skydiving? Tell us about your experience in the comments! Let us know of any tips and advice that we can add.